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Masta DblG's newest album "Revolution" released Aug. 7th, 2014, is his most "expensive sounding and danceable" album to date. Several of the new songs from the upcoming album (such as "I'm French") have already created a large buzz on social media, but this is just a tiny fraction of what the album has to offer.

As opposed to his previous albums, "Revolution" is focused on high quality funky house, trip hop, and liquid drum & bass, with loud and clear vocals that fit nicely in the pocket of DblG's various instrumentals.

Dblg makes it clear that "the difference between, fuckin' house music, and trip-hop, and drum & bass is really only the speed... I'm a drummer you know? I've been drummin longer than your sister has been seein' dudes behind the dumpster at McDonalds you know? like 15 years, anyways, for me, as an artist I cant just go at one speed all the time, what the fuck is that? I don't understand how people can only like one speed of music... anyways go figure, I'll listen to whatever!"

Indeed, For the first time, Masta DblG has collaborated with top-notch singers and musicians including Ramon'T, Jenna Lavoie, Mc-Kola, Manton, Dmitri Black, and Max Moore, and is selling a high quality version of his album online at for six dollars.

"That's only 50 cents a song man, I spent like 7% of my time for a year working on this thing, what is that?" He paused... "I dont know but its a fuckin' lot".

We calculated that this was 613 hours....

"Shit is that right?" replied Masta DblG, "... that's 1 dollar for 100 hours of my time". He paused and looked as though he was in deep thought, finally deciding "fuck it, I'd do it for free, but you gotta make a little bit of cash on the side you know, I've always been hustling, and now that I finally got the product to compete I'm uppin' the prices... they're still cheap as fuck 'cause I'm your friend though you know?".

Indeed, Masta DblG's time is only worth one cent per hour, but the album is a rare gem with fantastic songs. We had a great time listening to it at the office and deem the album is a "MUST LISTEN".

The team at the Daily Hatchet gives Masta DblG's new album "Revolution" 5 stars, go buy it now! Its only six dollars ;-)

- Ken Davis (The Daily Hatchet)


released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Masta DblG Oakland, California

Masta DblG is a music producer specializing in Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop & House.



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